Wedeen & Kavanagh
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Serving Clients in NY and NJ
About Us

 We are a two attorney firm comprised of Timothy Wedeen, Esq. and Christine Kavanagh, Esq.  When you hire Wedeen & Kavanagh, you will be dealing exclusively with a partner in the firm, not an associate or an of-counsel attorney.  We provide our clients with a high level of personal attention that is rare in the modern legal profession.

Additionally, unlike any other firms we are aware of, we are a husband and wife team.  We believe this actually benefits our clients, because we can discuss client matters candidly, and no one client is exclusive to any partner.  At the end of the workday, we do not leave our clients or their matters and concerns "at the office" they literally come home with us.  Our practice is part of our lives.

Furthermore, our rates are very reasonable for attorneys with our level of experience in the New York City Metropolitan Area.  Certain matters can be handled for a flat-fee (such as closing, lease review, or minor criminal matter), and we never bill a client for two attorneys working on their matter at the same time.  Our quoted hourly rate is for one or both of our attention to your matter, not both. 

Please use the Contact Us button on top or call our offices at (646) 963-6808 for further information or to schedule an appointment




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